I dearly love to work with newborns, and I want to make sure we get the best shots possible of your sweet little one. Babies don't follow instructions - but when everyone has a clear idea of how to make your baby most comfortable and keep him safe during your shoot, it becomes much easier to get those sweet, sleepy posed shots that make newborn shoots so special. Here are a few tips to ensure that your session goes as smoothly and beautifully as possible! 



One month before baby arrives: 

Schedule your shoot at least a month before your baby arrives! I will gladly be "on call" for your newborn - but once (s)he's born, please advise us as soon as possible.

Decide whether you'd like a posed or lifestyle shoot. Lifestyle shoots can be done within six weeks of baby's birth, but posed shoots must be done within the first two weeks of life. 

Day after baby's birth: 

If you're planning on a posed shoot, have someone get in touch with me and let me know that the baby is here, so we can schedule your shoot. After two weeks, baby will be too awake to get posed newborn shots, so we need to do the shoot as soon as possible. 



One hour before your session: 

- Keep baby awake if you can. Ideally, we want the baby to be sleepy for the shoot, so keeping him up for a while before we begin your session will help ensure that he'll sleep for the photos. 

- Plan to feed baby right when you arrive for your session. Don't worry if during the shoot you need to feed baby several times - we will be working for several hours, and baby will,  of course, get hungry! It's hard work being a newborn model. :) 


Before you leave for your session:

- Keep baby loosely dressed, and if a sibling is going to be in photos, please make sure sibling is dressed. 

What do you bring? 

- If you have any outfits or hats that you want baby to wear for the shoot, please bring them. Please limit any personal items to 1-2 pieces. Keep in mind that I have a wide selection of hats and props with me and baby will be mostly nude for the shoot. 

- Pacifiers to keep baby calm

- If you're formula feeding or pumping, bring plenty of milk to keep baby comfortable during the session. 

- 2 blankets for baby. You will use them to keep baby warm in between sets, and occasionally baby will not be wearing a diaper during these changes.

- plenty of diapers and wipes. 

- an extra shirt for mom & dad in case baby spits up, pees, etc. 



On arrival:

- Undress baby and keep her swaddled in a blanket and feed her while I get the first set ready. If baby uses a pacifier or you are open to using a pacifier to keep baby calm and sleepy for the shoot, feel free to bring it out. 

- If you want to get any sibling or family shots, we'll do those near the beginning of the shoot. If you want to get just parent and baby shots, we'll do those last. 


If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email or call me. I can't wait to meet your squishy baby!