Sometimes you just HAVE to capture the moment.

Here is a story I'd like to share, something I rarely do on my blog. 

I was at Wynwood over the weekend, and if you're not familiar with the area, Wynwood is an AMAZING district in Miami where artists turn regular building walls into spectacular walls of art.

Many of my clients request photo shoots around these incredibly unique walls for their family portraits or maternity shoots.  It's one of my favorite places to go in the entire city. I was shooting a friend of mine around the area and we were strolling through Wynwood Walls, when I noticed that right next to this AMAZING wall art of a nursing mother created by the very talented Swoon, was a beautiful young woman with a toddler, nursing her sweet child. Her husband was trying to get a photo of the two of them, and after asking my friend if she minded, I asked the mother if she would like for me to take a professional portrait of her nursing her daughter.

The mother's name is Lourdes, I learned, and she is nearing the end of her breastfeeding journey with her  14 month old daughter, Mikaela Sofia, so these last moments between them are bittersweet. I remember how painful it was when my son and I ended our breastfeeding journey, and yet how elated I was that I was able to share that bond with him for that time. I will never forget how it felt, looking at his tiny, peaceful, perfect face while he nursed, knowing that no one else would ever be able to be as close to him as I was in that moment.  It's a feeling most mothers experience, but can never describe. That's why, as a photographer, it's so important to me to capture these moments, so that when words fail, the image remains. 

I was so happy I was able to capture this moment for Lourdes and Sofia. I still desperately wish I'd had a photo taken like this of me with my son. I gave Lourdes my card and hoped to hear from her again, and two days ago, I did. It gave me so much joy to be able to share this with her.

It was wonderful to meet you, Lourdes! May the end of your journey be smooth and rewarding, and may you remember this time together as fondly as I remember mine. 

Please share this if you loved (and miss) nursing your sweet babe.