Miami Lifestyle Home Session

My friend Sandra is in the process of selling her home, and asked me to come by to capture a lifestyle session of a regular weekend morning with her family.  I was so excited about it - I've been to her house a few times and it is so, so, lovely - and a huge part of why her home is so beautiful is because of the warmth and love of the people who live in it. Floors that have been played on by her boys since they were babies, art and family photos meticulously picked out and hung up, and memories lurking in every corner of every room. Every single space has been stamped with her individual style and she has loads of it. She is truly amazing. 

Not to mention, that when Sandra says she's making waffles, you don't ask questions. You just show up hungry. 

She also just launched a fabulous blog a few weeks ago, already loaded up with recipes, DIY projects, and lots more. Check her out at 

Here are a few photos of a morning in the life of the LZs.